A Message from Our Founders

From the Chancellor & Vice Chancellor

We know that students do their best when they have the ability to explore their own interests and follow their own paths, so we’re enabling them to do just that. Our flexible, innovative curriculum empowers students to pursue their passions, develop real-world readiness, and have agency over their futures. 

The first thing every Franklin student will do is work with our team of expert educators and college guidance counselors to create a personalized four-year plan to reach their goals and fulfill their dreams. 

With a legacy as a leader in education, which dates back to 1872 when our forefather school was founded in New York City, Franklin is reimagining a private high school education for today’s learners — students who are laser-focused on the future and eager to make a difference in the world.

Our cutting-edge approach prepares students for top-tier colleges and careers in the rapidly changing world. Wherever they want to go, we’ll help them succeed on their own trajectory.

We invite students to join us for an exciting new educational experience — their own. 

Stephen Spahn | Chancellor
Blake Spahn | Vice Chancellor