New Jersey 101.5 radio is spreading good news of Franklin students spreading holiday community service cheer! The radio station’s website is shining the spotlight on Ruhie ’26 and her sister, Reya — and the work they’re doing through DoGooders, which Ruhie has been developing through Franklin Student Ventures to help young people make a difference. The sisters, along with Franklin students, have rallied together to secure donations for and assemble “blessing bags” with some hygiene essentials for Jersey City’s St. Lucy’s homeless shelter. 

We are delighted to share the story here:

Young Sisters Helping NJ Homeless and Setting Example for Us All

They're back at it. Ruhie and Reya. Two amazing young women from Jersey City we better all be paying attention to because they're probably going to change the world one day.

Ruhie Mehendale, 14, and Reya Mehendale, 10, have been helping people for a long time. Last year I wrote about how they contacted Jersey City Mayor Fulop's office during the pandemic and organized a way to get 92,000 bottles of hand sanitizer to those who needed it in their city.

Ruhie is a 9th grader at Franklin School and Reya a 5th grader at Hamilton Park Montessori. Always wanting to give back, Ruhie put together a new initiative called DoGooders. The sisters organized a dozen other kids ages 7 to 15 and together formed a project to assemble hundreds of 'blessing bags' for homeless people.

Do Gooders Blessing Bags Assembly

Each bag contained a new toothbrush, toothpaste, new socks, a bar of soap and a handwritten note. The kids reached their goal and the bags have been donated to St. Lucy's Homeless Shelter.

blessing bag items

They collected all these items through donations. 400 bags worth. 400 lives that these young kids will be touching in such a positive way. Quite an undertaking.

blessing bag boxes

As far as those handwritten notes? That may be the greatest part of this gift. Here's one example.

"Dear friend,

You are valued and we love you. I wish you all the best in the world for you my friend. I hope this note puts a smile on your face and gives you comfort in these difficult times. You are special and loved. Remember, today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want."

That's definitely what Reya and Ruhie are doing, building the tomorrow they want to see for the world.