Students at Snapshot of a Day

A few minutes after our virtual Open House came to a close on November 18, a line was already starting to form outside the School at 88 Town Square Place for the onsite event introducing students to some of the challenging academics that await them. Open to all who had started or submitted applications, the evening drew many familiar faces and families who also attended our recent Design Expo.

The academic snapshot event was envisioned to enable students to experience what classroom life will be like at Franklin and to get a taste of how micro-courses will be embedded into the curriculum. “Our Design Expo was such a success as our first on-site event, we wanted to bring students back on campus as soon as possible,” explains Diana Stravoiu, Director of Admissions. “And since the focus of the Expo was on Franklin’s makerspace and the kind of hands-on learning students will experience in design and tech classes, we wanted this event to highlight other aspects of our academic program.

Following a welcome by Head of School William Campbell, students and parents had the opportunity to visit different classrooms. One featured Director of Innovation Jaymes Dec, whose lesson entitled “Heart Beat Horse Race” taught students how to use biosensors to collect health and fitness data. In teams of two, they used pulse sensors and microcontrollers to send their heart beats to a computer. They then altered a short Javascript program to create a video game that raced characters across the screen using their pulse rates. One student, Aiden, shared that he felt that “coding isn’t the most fun thing” but after the activity, he felt that “using games makes the experience of coding more exciting.” He also said, “It’s cool to see a new perspective of learning and to see what Franklin has to offer — it’s a new way to think of high school.”

In another classroom, attendees gathered to hear about “The Advantage of Early Exposure to Micro-courses and Electives” from a former broadcast journalist. He shared how he had identified his passion areas of literature and sports early in life, but was only able to take advantage of relevant opportunities after college, underscoring how invaluable Franklin’s micro-courses will be to high school students who want to explore their interests and passions. “I’m a very big sports person and it was very cool to see how the speaker went from journalism to production [of highlights and sports events] and now he’s here at Franklin,” commented middle schooler Kaci. “The micro-courses are a new, innovative way of thinking and I really like that.” Another student, Tennyson, added that the introduction to micro-courses “is really convincing me to want to go to this school because I get to try something new without having to pursue that for the rest of my life or the rest of my high school career.” 

The final session called “Finding Higher Heights” was an interdisciplinary math and design activity led by Associate Head of School Nicole Hamilton and Mr. Dec. After gathering in groups of three and collecting clinometers, tape measures, and worksheets, each trio settled upon a labeled number on the wall, where they calculated the tangent or angle of elevation up to the ceiling. “This space will be transformed into a beautiful gym and multi-purpose space,” reports Ms. Hamilton. “And we’re so delighted that students helped us calculate the height that we’ll have to work with once the space is fully renovated because we’re designing it for them — and they’ll be able to enjoy using it. How amazing!”

"I really enjoyed working with kids from different schools and I got to collaborate with others who I haven’t met before,” shares eighth-grader Antonio. “I think I’m going to enjoy Franklin if it’s anything like tonight!

The consensus among students and parents was that Franklin offers exciting new learning opportunities not found elsewhere. “The curriculum is very thoughtful and it’s hard to find that,” said one parent. “If you look, a lot of the education systems are kind of stuck in the past.” Another said, “Now that my daughter is applying for high school, we’ve visited so many schools and Franklin has exceeded expectations. [Mr. Campbell had] spoken to every single person before this event and it feels like a family connection already — the vibe is always so cordial and friendly.”

We're so excited to welcome students to dive fully into our curriculum when we launch next fall, and are still accepting applications until the December 14th deadline. 

Will having a conversation with a parent.
Franklin School students doing measurements at our academic event.
Students working together for a Heartbeat Horserace.
Nicole Jaymes directing parents and students at our academic event.
A family taking a photo outside of a Franklin School classroom.