Our Mission

Franklin is a new kind of high school — a place where students have the freedom to chart their own course, as they lean on our long history of educational excellence. 

With a unique approach, Franklin engages students actively in their own learning through a flexible, cutting-edge curriculum designed to educate innovators and socially responsible global leaders. 

Grounded in an applied-learning philosophy, Franklin was created for today’s learners: technologically adept, focused on the future, and eager to make a difference in the world. Our School was founded by the same family of expert educators who created the global network of Dwight Schools, which began in Manhattan in 1872.

The first thing a student will do is work with our expert team of educators and college guidance counselors to create a personalized four-year plan that will allow them to reach their goals and achieve their dreams. Here at Franklin, students can construct their future on their own terms … one class at a time.

A Refreshing Approach

When community, collaboration, and flexibility underpin a learning environment, students shine. In bringing these together, we’ve created a school where students can carve their own paths with choices in both what and how they learn, and empower them to have agency over their own future.

With a foundation in applied learning — otherwise known as “learning by doing,” whereby students learn through direct, hands-on application of skills and theories — Franklin:

  • Cultivates a dynamic, diverse educational community, rooted in collaboration and flexibility
  • Emphasizes student-centered instruction that inspires and engages students and teachers

Through a flexible, innovative curriculum, blending world-class academics with real-world readiness, Franklin students will be prepared to navigate life’s unforeseen challenges and our rapidly changing world.

A Franklin education includes:

  • Design and tech classes in a state-of-the-art Maker Space
  • Micro-courses, enabling students to explore career interests like law, finance, creative writing, engineering, and much more early  
  • AP courses for college-readiness and credit
  • Built-in SAT/ACT preparation
  • Community-based service programs within and around Jersey City 
  • Internships
  • Global collaborations with peer schools worldwide

Our Guiding Principles

To make Franklin an academic haven for young innovators and the launchpad for the leaders of tomorrow, we are committed to:

  • Experiential learning: With a top Maker curriculum, Franklin infuses applied- and project-based learning philosophies into every class. Our distinctive and forward-thinking approach promotes the development of creative problem-solving skills, collaboration, and deeper knowledge acquisition. Today’s students are laser-focused on their futures — and we know that requires a framework for learning that is hands-on, blended, frequently based outside the classroom, and encourages the direct application of skills, theories, and models.
  • Innovation: Students embark on their individual educational quests through a cutting-edge curriculum, with a mix of learning methods and technologies, and flanked by an emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation. This refreshing focus on invention and reinvention permeates every aspect of a Franklin education and our School.  
  • Civic responsibility: With information comes responsibility, and with technology comes equity. Franklin infuses components of civic responsibility throughout our curriculum to ensure every person can fully participate in our increasingly digital society and use their skills to connect with — and ultimately serve — the communities in which we live in a myriad of ways.
  • Diversity, inclusion, and equity: We believe that the livelihood of the Franklin community depends on respect and fostering understanding among members with varying backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, We seek to enroll families who share the value of embracing the challenges and opportunities that come from this commitment, and who will advocate for our entire community, in all its forms.