Welcome to Franklin from the Head of School

Welcome to Franklin School, a visionary high school where students have the freedom to chart their own course.

From the Head of School

It is a great honor and privilege to welcome you to Franklin, a high school at the forefront of education. Situated on the picturesque waterfront of Jersey City, Franklin is a visionary new school with roots that date back 150 years to 1872 and a long-standing reputation for excellence and personalizing the educational experience for each student.

When you enter the doors of Franklin, you are greeted by a sense of warmth and energized by the passion that our team has for our school and students. Our focus on creating a culture of compassion, empathy, and understanding is not only a learned, but also a lived experience at Franklin. We love the diversity of Jersey City and the surrounding regions, and we want our student body to embrace it and find ways to engage with and enhance community connections through our Community Service and Action Programs.

As technology and the working world continue to change at a furious pace, it is imperative that we prepare our students now for the jobs of the future. We need to develop their knowledge and the competencies, skills, and attitudes required to thrive in the most dynamic and flexible environments. We combine world-class academics with real-world readiness to educate innovators and socially responsible global leaders who will succeed in whatever path they choose.

Franklin is designed to foster curiosity, cultivate a culture of learning, and encourage students to question and create. The plethora of micro-courses and electives offered will expose students to industry leaders, new ways of learning, and incubators of creativity like no other. These exciting offerings will also work in synergy with our rigorous core curriculum to pave the way for  post-secondary success and enable students to pivot as their curiosity increases and they progress through high school.
Outside of our academic offerings are rich and robust athletic, co-curricular, and club programs that ensure all students can pursue their passions in state-of-the-art facilities.
Franklin takes great pride in its Pastoral and Academic Care Programs. We provide students with mentoring, social and emotional support, and sustained academic skills development regardless of what stage they’re at along their own education continuum. This not only provides a personalized approach to all aspects of student life, but also ensures parents are informed regularly regarding the holistic development of their children. This also allows for parent-teacher interactions to be purposeful, contain strategies for growth and development, and foster greater collaboration.
I invite you to discover more about what distinguishes Franklin by attending one of our Open Houses. We hope that you join us for an exciting educational journey!
William Campbell | Head of School