With our roots firmly planted in a history of academic excellence and our vision focused on the horizon ahead, Franklin is a school designed for today’s learners. We empower students to pursue their passions, develop real-world readiness, and have agency over their own future.

As we believe that students engage best with their learning when they help to shape it, Franklin provides students with a range of flexible, exciting, and rigorous academic offerings that reflect their ambitions. Alongside that, our expert educators and college counselors who support students in their course selection, will provide insights to ensure they achieve their goals and reach their fullest potential.

We also encourage students to engage with our curriculum in ways that suit their learning style using methods that most speak to them; and to reflect on what they learn, as well as on their own strengths and areas for improvement — an important skill to develop as a lifelong learner.

With a forward-thinking curriculum that prepares students for a future of inevitable change, Franklin School is a nourishing, energetic environment for students seeking an exhilarating take on their education.

An Emphasis on Applied Learning

At the core of Franklin’s educational model is applied learning — also known as project-based or experiential learning — a practical, research-based approach that emphasizes student-centered instruction, increases student motivation, and demonstrates real-world application.

Beginning in grade 9 and progressing through the upper grades, Franklin students will find applied learning approaches employed across classes in many forms and numerous projects. Through “learning by doing,” students will discover how to apply their knowledge in hands-on ways, deepening their mastery while they inquire and equipping them with the requisite tools and skillset to solve real-world problems.

Maker Curriculum

At Franklin, we believe that every student can be inventive if afforded the opportunity and inspiration. Most students prefer active and interactive approaches to education, and with a dedicated Maker curriculum, Franklin offers a participatory type of learning that welcomes — and in fact, demands — students’ curiosity and creativity. We know that making, experimenting, and building help transform students’ learning experiences, while also improving their cognitive development.

Our Maker curriculum includes a wealth of design and tech courses, lending itself perfectly to Franklin’s applied learning philosophy, and places a heavy emphasis on using technology as a tool for invention and exploration. Students will work on projects and take courses that teach computer programming, machine learning, digital design and fabrication, physical computing, robotics, and more.

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