Academic Support

The  consistently high level of academic support provided at Franklin gives our students the opportunity to flourish throughout their high school career. With our Academic Care Program, Endeavor Program, open studio, and teacher office hours, Franklin students always feel highly supported in their endeavors.

Academic Care Program

The Franklin Academic Care program provides all students with mentoring, social and emotional support, and sustained academic skill development regardless of what stage they’re at along their own education continuum. This not only provides a personalized approach to all aspects of student life, but also ensures parents are regularly informed about the holistic development of their children. This allows for parent-teacher interactions to be purposeful, contain strategies for growth and development, and foster greater collaboration.

The program and its principles are threaded throughout every aspect of a student’s day at Franklin. This is achieved by creating academic check-in protocols, small mentoring teams, peer-support groups, and regular feedback and data collection. Students will also experience specially designed workshops embedded within Franklin’s skills curriculum classes,  which focus on developing executive functioning skills and the strategies needed to support their successful execution.

Workshops include:

Self Management

  • Prioritization
  • Effective email and calendar use
  • Academic Integrity
  • Emotional Intelligence


  • Emotional Regulation
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Grit, Persistence and Confidence

Endeavor Program

Franklin’s Endeavor Program has its roots firmly grounded in the philosophical and practical principles of Oxford University’s tutorial mentorship model. We utilize contemporary research in special education pedagogy combined with the creativity of design thinking to provide students with a strength-based and innovative academic and executive functioning tutoring program. Additionally, Endeavor is built upon our affiliate school’s 45+ years of sustained success in the field of learning support.

Taking a holistic approach, our specialist teachers are experts in helping students with learning differences and provide them with the strategies, learning support structures, and skill development to optimize their academic abilities and empower them to succeed.

Franklin’s Endeavor students will have an academic and learning support profile that is utilized to ensure all stakeholders are aware of the support structures and specific learning adjustments aligned to the student’s needs. Endeavor students build skills and refine their approaches to learning while engaging with course material that they need to master. They also learn how to articulate their needs and become self-advocates.