Authentic self-expression blooms when young people are given the space and freedom to explore their innate artistic talents. That’s why Franklin’s vibrant arts program emphasizes creativity and encourages experimentation — so we can be sure we’re nurturing our students’ passions as we facilitate their exploration of a variety of artistic mediums.

Visual Arts, Music, Drama — the Sky’s the Limit!

Whether students are striving for placement at the Louvre or a shiny academy award as their ultimate artistic dream, Franklin is an energizing, welcome starting point for those interested in exploring the arts. In our visual arts classrooms, we focus on the fundamentals first, followed by deep dives into the history, theories, and genres. Additionally, through after-school music and drama programs, students interested in any kind of art, at any level of skill, can develop their interests and talents.

An All-star Arts Faculty

Members of Franklin’s arts faculty are working artists whose own talent has been seen and heard in a variety of venues, collaborations, and festivals. In addition to constantly evolving their own craft, our arts educators use their experience and insights to bring their inspiration from the professional world into the Franklin hallways, providing a first-rate arts education to students. And, with Franklin’s applied learning philosophy, we ensure that students are able to immerse themselves in their exploration of the arts both in the classroom and in our surrounding communities.

Jersey City: A Vibrant Home for the Arts and Culture

Known for its often-eclectic and always innovative arts and culture scene, Jersey City provides an enticing, inspiring background for student-artists seeking new ways of self-expression! Franklin leverages our community connections to facilitate internships, mentorships, and gallery and performance opportunities for students in the many arts spaces that make their home in our Jersey City community.