We provide extensive guidance to students and work one-on-one throughout the process to help students understand and feel secure in their educational journey.

College Prep & Counseling

Students and families need a skilled, accessible advocate when it comes to understanding and navigating the college application and acceptance processes. At Franklin, our experienced college counselors are experts in the field and lead students and parents confidently through the ins and outs, from academic and social preparation, to research, applications, and final decisions. Together with faculty, college counselors at Franklin are committed to helping students make the most of their high school experience, so they can seamlessly transition to their next chapter at top colleges and universities. 

A Four-year Journey

We provide extensive guidance and support beginning in grade 9. Counselors serve as professional guides and advocates, working with families and helping students in all aspects of this process.

This journey is often fraught with challenges as families navigate the emotional terrain of reaching this milestone. Our college counseling team understands the many factors at play as families make these choices, and they work one-on-one with each student to help build trust and excitement into the process!

Dedicated programming, including SAT and ACT test prep courses and practice test sessions, informational Q&As, and more — both individualized and group — are offered throughout the school year, and resources are available year-round for students with pressing needs. This ensures that we at Franklin can help all families, at every level of familiarity with today's college landscape, to best understand the available options and — most importantly — to feel secure in their paths forward.


Shellee Hendricks, Global Director of College Counseling

College Counseling Portal For enrolled students only

Current Franklin students may log into our college counseling portal to access resources and upcoming events.