Personalized and experiential learning for students in grades 9-12 form the heart of the Franklin curriculum, with a focus on innovation, civic responsibility, and customized internships, using the latest technologies and tools. This 21st-century education prepares students for their futures — one where the only constant is change, and where lifelong learning and curiosity is the goal. 

High school is a significant time in a student’s academic and emotional growth, and Franklin is a school where students are supported in multiple facets of their learning. Our curriculum and academic framework incorporate

  • Project-based learning to foster problem-solving skills 
  • An emphasis on the development of critical thinking, critical writing, and public speaking skills
  • Collaboration and peer-to-peer learning 
  • AP courses to challenge students, introduce college-level academics, and enable them to receive college credit
  • Micro-courses to introduce students to industries, ranging from finance and engineering to architecture and the law, enabling students to explore career interests early and carve their own educational paths 
  • Flexibility, offering students opportunities to take electives online
  • The Franklin Incubator, where students will launch efforts to reimagine — or envision anew — projects focused on solving specific problems, expanding their entrepreneurial and leadership skills along the way
  • Individualized support, as our experienced counselors prepare students for college and beyond

The Franklin Diploma

Our curriculum sets Franklin apart from other high schools, and a Franklin diploma symbolizes an innovative, forward-thinking approach to education. Our students venture into the world beyond high school with an innate curiosity about how they can improve society using the problem-solving and leadership skills they’ve gained at Franklin, grounded by the keen sense of self Franklin helps inspire.

College Prep, Honors, and Advanced Placement Options

With our exciting and challenging course offerings — in-person, virtual, and hybrid — Franklin is a spirited and energetic environment for students seeking to curate their own learning.

College prep, honors, and Advanced Placement classes are rigorous and designed for students focusing on deeper learning, college readiness, and early college credit acquisition. Students seeking a range of AP options will find AP Math, History, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, English, Computer Science, and a number of Language courses.

Additionally, we provide SAT and ACT preparation classes at Franklin, helping students feel comfortable with, and ready for, these standardized tests.

Electives, Micro-courses, and Collaborative Opportunities

Franklin’s micro-courses enable students to go where their curiosity and interests take them, providing a glimpse into what a career in the worlds of business, fine arts, technology, engineering, politics, law, culinary arts, and more might entail. With a sharply focused lens on learning about the real-world applications of concepts, micro-courses include:

  • Introduction to Finance
  • Creative Writing
  • Engineering 101
  • Basics of U.S. Politics
  • Introduction to Architecture
  • The Great Philosophers
  • Introduction to Accounting
  • Advanced Microprocessors
  • Introduction to Legal Concepts
  • Marketing
  • Gaming
  • Public Speaking
  • Cooking
  • And more

Being affiliated with a global network of schools means Franklin students have countless opportunities they might not have elsewhere, including cross-campus collaborations and top-notch online learning offerings. Through these connections, students are able to pursue their own interests; bond with peers around the globe; and truly chart their own course toward becoming experienced, confident global leaders.