Instructional Model

Franklin considers applied learning — the educational approach where students learn through direct application of skills, theories, and models — to be a key component in nurturing lifelong learners who are ready to meet the world head-on. This approach can be felt in every facet of Franklin, from our course offerings to our emphasis on problem-solving and peer-to-peer collaboration; from our Maker curriculum to our distinctive Franklin Incubator. Today’s students are more technologically sophisticated and culturally minded than their predecessors, and we believe their school environment must reflect their instincts to use digital tools to collaborate with others to improve the world. 

To provide our students the nourishing environment they need to realize their dreams, Franklin offers a variety of courses in multiple ways, including in-person, virtual, and hybrid, reflecting their diverse needs and learning styles. With a blended model of both synchronous and asynchronous offerings (real-time, online, video-based, recorded seminars, and pre-existing materials), we’ve designed our instructional model drawing insights from the best schools around the world — bold, dynamic, and modern, just like our students.

Our instructional model incorporates:

  • Experiential learning: A distinctive and forward-thinking approach to hands-on learning that promotes problem-solving skills, collaboration, teamwork, and deeper knowledge acquisition through programs like internships and community-based projects.
  • Innovation: Students are encouraged to embrace cutting-edge learning methods; innovation and entrepreneurship are the bedrock of our curriculum. 
  • Civic responsibility: Franklin students have significant and ongoing opportunities to collaborate on service projects within and around our Jersey City community. Our commitment to experience-based learning provides a particularly meaningful way for Franklin students to be introduced to, and immersed in, the city and broader world around us.