Internship Program

With our philosophy of applied learning, internships play a significant role in our students’ journeys, enabling everyone to gain hands-on work experience in a field of interest.

Jersey City is home to hundreds of successful businesses, both large and small, spanning an exciting array of industries: banking, technology, finance, science, health care, media, arts, retail, and so much more. In the Franklin internship program, students are paired with a mentor at a nearby corporation, laboratory, or enterprise, where they actively participate in work projects under the guidance of professionals. So, too, can students intern at a myriad of ventures in New York City and online. This real-world experience will expand their problem-solving, business, leadership, and time-management skills, as they begin to visualize their futures and establish their goals. 

The duration of each internship will vary depending on grade and student; every student can be assured that their internship schedule will be designed to meet their individual needs.