Micro-courses & Electives

Franklin micro-courses and electives are designed and taught by industry leaders, qualified practitioners, and proven educators. These courses are structured to cultivate the industry-specific skills that are essential to navigate and succeed in the most dynamic and competitive employment fields.

Students will immerse themselves in knowledge and skill-developing environments that will expose them to real-world situations and experiences. Regardless of the course selected, students will have the opportunity to apply their learning and harness their skills in a variety of challenging and curiosity-building tasks.

The length and demands of each course are specifically designed to ensure that students will develop a sophisticated knowledge foundation, alongside the application of skills to make their learning come to life.

Micro-courses and electives have an outcomes-based framework; however, they will not be delivered using only traditional teaching and learning methods. They are designed by the experts in the field to ensure they replicate as close to the real-world experience as possible.