Online Learning

These days, students are adept at learning digitally, and Franklin’s faculty is comprised of educators with proven experience in both online and in-person teaching. Whether a student chooses in-person, online, or hybrid courses, they’ll experience an academically robust program that emphasizes critical thinking, peer-to-peer collaboration, problem-solving, and hands-on learning. 

Our combination of course offerings helps engage every kind of student, and ensures each one receives a holistic education that meets their individual needs. And, as a school grounded in strong student:student and faculty:student relationships, we use a thoughtful, strategic approach to online tools to ensure we’re nurturing our thriving school community and leading the way for students to feel a kinship with their peers and teachers.

A Suite of Options at Students’ Fingertips

With a connection to Dwight Global Online School, Dwight’s campus in the cloud — ranked the second-best online high school in the U.S. by Newsweek — Franklin students can choose from a diverse, exciting range of elective online classes to match their boundless academic interests. These virtual courses combine real-time online video conferencing seminars, Oxford-style tutorials, and a college-style schedule to provide students with the intimacy of an independent school combined with greater schedule flexibility.

Because Dwight Global enrolls students from all over the world, Franklin students choosing online classes will experience a truly global education, one that incorporates varied perspectives and offers an energizing opportunity for multi-cultural connections.

Keeping Students at the Center of Their Learning Journey

With in-person, online, and hybrid options, and a deep respect for students’ individual needs and passions, Franklin ensures that every student remains at the center of their own academic journey. Some students may opt for a traditional learning program, and they’ll find Franklin an accessible, vibrant school with a range of courses, including honors and Advanced Placement; others may wish for a more individualized approach, and our commitment to meeting every student’s needs enables them to take ownership of their coursework through electives and micro-courses, surrounded by the support and inspiration to meet their futures head-on.