The Franklin Difference

What sets Franklin apart from other high schools? We’re a new kind of school — a place where students have the freedom to chart their own course and fulfill their dreams. 

We know from our founders’ 80 years of educational experience that students do their best when they have the ability to explore their own interests ... to follow their own paths. They are more excited and engaged, so we’re tapping into that at Franklin. 

We’re dedicated to empowering students to pursue their passions, develop real-world readiness, and have agency over their futures. We believe that applied learning is a key to making this vision a reality, so our curriculum is designed to provide students with as many hands-on and experiential learning opportunities as possible within and beyond the classroom. 

Franklin’s flexible, cutting-edge curriculum and unique Incubator program encourage innovation and entrepreneurship; and our location in the heart of Jersey City enables us to tap into the energy, culture, and excitement of our local community enriched by global perspectives.

With a legacy as a leader in education, which dates back to 1872, Franklin is reimagining a private high school education, immersing students in new experiences, perspectives, and ideas.

The Franklin Experience 

Learning by doing pervades the Franklin School experience, which is why we’ve created an innovative Maker curriculum. That means that students will solve real-world problems and seek to understand concepts in hands-on ways through project-based learning across classes — and expressly through design thinking in our design and tech courses — spanning engineering, art, design, coding, app and game design, programming, robotics, architecture, and more.

At Franklin, you can focus on areas that you enjoy most through an extensive range of electives, micro-courses, and AP classes, unlocking deeper and more satisfying learning while also expanding your ability to explore new interests and horizons. With access to 80 elective in-person and online courses alone, you will have countless options to choose from; and with our focus on your future, we’ve designed numerous industry-specific micro-courses — each one just one trimester long — introducing you to the fundamentals and concepts of those fields.

We can’t speak about the Franklin experience without including our Incubator — a unique program in which you can truly make something your own imagining. You will prototype, test, and develop your passion project, and through the process gain entrepreneurial skills — brainstorming, collaboration, and creative problem-solving — as well as adaptability, resourcefulness, and resilience. These skills and mindset will prepare you to successfully launch your own enterprise, navigate the rapidly changing working world, and map your own journey wherever that takes you.

Similarly, you will learn by doing through internships and community-service programs in and around Jersey City — experiences designed around your talents and interests that will pair you with local professionals and organizations, open new doors of opportunity and social responsibility, and connect you with inspiring mentors who share our commitment to helping you achieve your dreams

Our Legacy

Franklin’s legacy of educational leadership dates back to 1872 when our forefather school was founded in New York City. Today, with a firm footing in those historic roots, we keep our eye on the future, eagerly embracing our role in educating innovators — shaping innovation.

Our affiliation with the premier network of Dwight Schools aligns us with a global community that shares our commitment to excellence, innovation, educating global leaders, and empowering students to drive their own learning — and provides Franklin students with collaborative and learning opportunities they can’t find anywhere else.

Our Vision

At Franklin, we see education a bit differently. We’re transforming the private school experience through an innovative model that empowers students to pursue their passions, develop real-world readiness, and have agency over their futures.

Franklin is the right place for students who can visualize their place in our world’s ever-changing landscape — and who seek the genuine support and flexibility that will fuel their success.