Community Service

A commitment to community service helps set Franklin apart from other high schools.

With our foundation in applied learning, we believe students learn best by doing; an approach that’s mirrored in our embrace of community service. By partnering with local and global organizations, Franklin students develop valuable leadership skills, connect to the broader issues and opportunities in the world around us, and strengthen their sense of purpose as they strive to set and achieve their future goals. In fact, our focus on experience-based learning propels students to take action in particularly meaningful ways. 

Through academic, civic, team, and individual explorations of community service, students volunteer for and contribute to causes they believe in. Some may even be inspired by their community service efforts to envision an idea they’ll see through the Franklin Incubator process!

With an understanding that rooting learning in one’s own community is an ideal way to create a long-lasting foundation that will shape students’ minds, nurture deep connections, and help them navigate their paths ahead, Franklin inspires students to learn and discover, and to become agents in their own educational journeys.