Franklin School is proud to collaborate with organizations locally and globally.

By partnering with experts in our community, Franklin students develop valuable leadership skills, connect to the broader issues and opportunities in the world around them, and strengthen their sense of purpose as they strive to achieve their goals.

To learn more about the benefits of working with us, please contact Jason Rowley, Director of Strategic Operations, via 

GK Training

Franklin students will engage in a four-year communication development program delivered by GK Training. Communication is a critical skill set required to thrive in all aspects of life. Students will focus on speaking, presenting, and all forms of spoken communication through this program, which uses embodied cognition to help create behavioral change and improve communication in any setting. GK Training’s clients include Presidential candidates, top global financial firms, major professional sports leagues, and more leaders of industry.

New Jersey City University

Franklin students have access to state-of-the-art athletic facilities, which are simply unparalleled for a high school, through our partnership with NJCU. Located in Jersey City’s Greenville neighborhood, NJCU will become the base for Franklin scholar-athletes’ training, practice, and home game competitions.

Newport Skates

A four-minute walk away from our campus, this local rink is a Jersey City favorite for skaters of all ages, offering lessons and rentals. At Newport Skates, our families can enjoy a winter-friendly leisure activity on the ice at our annual hosted event!

Nimbus Dance Studio

Located on the waterfront, Nimbus is a professional dance company, school, arts center, and community programming platform. Our collaboration enables Franklin students to explore their passion for dance through world-class instruction right here in Jersey City.